About us

Passionate about intellectual property and intangible assets management, we thrive to deliver efficient and high quality advisory services tailored for each client specific needs. We stand by our statement and are committed to help you leverage and capitalise on your intangible assets portfolio to sustain your business value growth.

We are experienced in designing IP strategies for clients across a spectrum of sectors, at every stage of their businesses’ growth. We work with clients who desire to be on the cutting edge, seeking our knowledge on intellectual property for business intelligence to keep them at bay from their competition.

Nurturing intangibles is a must in a knowledge based economy. We assist you in all aspects regarding your intellectual property rights management and help you craft and implement the best strategies and tactics to protect, commercialise and enforce your IP rights.

Our areas of expertise

IP Protection

Trademark & Design Rights

Internet & Domain Names

Copyrights & Data Protection

IP Management

IP Audit & Valuation

IP Licensing & Franchising

Intengible Asset Management

We are the best

With an experienced team and partners, we position ourselves as the best option for the protection of your intellectual property.