IP Optimisation

Our expertise focuses on the improvement of specific IP assets performance. IP Optimisation assignments can vary according to company size and industry. 

IP Stance provides bespoke expert advice to address each client’s need.

  • Tax-related optimisation of licensing agreements
  • Selection and evaluation of tax jurisdictions for portfolio management

SMEs – assignments often focus on identifying undervalued or overlooked IP assets in order to identify how these critical IP assets can be leveraged by strategies’ implementation focused on creating competitive barriers to entry. 

Larger Corporates – assignments frequently relate to improvement of trade secret protection and ongoing protection in JVs and partnerships, as well as IP asset valuation and due diligence assignments in advance of investment.

IP optimisation purpose is to allow a company to differentiate itself from competitors, generate new revenue streams and/or maximise the valuation of the business prior to exit/fundraising.

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